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The Internet is Growing

Almost 300 exabytes is quite a lot of storage space isn't it? Read my article on computer bytes and you will see just how big an exabyte is.

 Well 300 exabytes is the estimated size of the internet at the moment. That's a massive amount of data. If you were to assume that the average computer has a half a terabyte hard disk, then that amount of data would need over 2 million computers to be stored on.

That's not the the end of the story though. Every year the internet grows massively. It's predicted that in the last few years is being growing between 20% and 50% each year. If it were 50% that would mean that the internet is doubling in size year on year. In 2012 you would need over 4 million computers to store the internet on, and by 2020 at a 50% growth rate, you would need over 2.048 billion computers!

If you were to store that data on CDs, it would create a massive stack of discs, one that would reach from Earth to beyond the moon. That is a lot of CD's!

How much data storage space do you take up on the internet? If you don't have a website or a blog you may be fooled into thinking non. But do you have a Facebook account? If so how much space is your profile, applications data, pictures, videos, links etc taking up? You may not realise it, but it's actually quite a lot.

Growth - Is it good and is it sustainable? If you use Twitter, every tweet is probably taking up around 100 kilobytes. Ten tweets a week and that's a megabytes worth of space. Tweeting fifty weeks of the year and that's 50 megabytes a year you are adding to the internet, just on Twitter.

For me, I probably use a considerable amount more. This article is 18 kilobytes without any styles or media. How many articles do I have at the moment? How many blogs do I have? How many websites do I have? How many blogs do I comment on? How many social networking accounts/profiles do I have... the list is almost endless.

The internet has influenced the life of billions of people around the world and it's still growing. Do we need to control this growth, or is it good? As long as we can store the data without causing environmental damage, can there be anything wrong with the massive growth of the internet? I'm not sure...

Links: Bytes - The World Wide Web - Cloud Computing

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 21st February 2011

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