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Yep you guessed it, the blog that has killed this technology blog is called Technology Bloggers. So that I can dedicate more time to building a fantastic community blog, I have 'killed' Christopher Roberts Technology Blog - although what a great life it had!

So many articles and yet not a single comment! WordPress powered Technology Bloggers however can offer you comments, you can become an author, control your articles, your profile etc. The best thing about technology bloggers is that it is a community blog, meaning that it is 100% dofollow. You comment, you benefit; you read, you benefit; your write, you benefit - it really is that simple!

Technology Bloggers can now be found at Before this I had planned to put the blog on or Why didn't I? Read the about Technology Bloggers page and all will become clear Smiley Face

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Want to know more about this blog? Well the best place to start would be the about page or the welcome article. Any ideas, feedback or comments send then via my contact form. Also, why not change your subscriptions over to Technology Bloggers, check out the feed, and consider commenting and maybe even try your hand at writing! Technology Bloggers is also on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to follow Technology Bloggers on Twitter, and like Technology Bloggers Facebook page.

This is Christopher Roberts Technology Blog - over and out!

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 15th April 2011

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