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Long ago… very long ago, most probably in ancient Egypt, people started engraving what they spoke onto stone tablets. Skip forward a few thousand years and people were writing on paper. In the late 18 hundreds, the humble typewriter was invented and since then, millions of authors have been writing/typing their literature in things we call books.

 Over time we have had different variations of books, one being the audio book, invented in the mid twentieth centaury. The latest edition to the ‘book’ collection is the e-book.

One could argue that the e-book is not really a book at all as it is really more like a tablet – i.e. the Apple iPad. Then along came Amazon’s Kindle. The Kindle is very different from many other e-books. For a start it’s much smaller than many other e-books, it’s also not touch screen, it doesn’t show quality full colour pictures, it is also very light. All these things make it much more like a book – my question is however, is it really a book?

Can you call the Kindle a book? Well it shows words and limited pictures, just like a book, it is light, just like a book, you can ‘turn the page’ similar to a book. But, unlike a book you download your texts; it doesn’t come inscribed in the pages.

The Amazon Kindle Furthermore, with a book it’s a one time purchase. Buy that ink and paper and you can have it forever, with a Kindle however, after you get past the rather pricy cost for actually buying the Kindle, you still have to buy the books you want to read.

Despite this, the books are much cheaper than if you were to buy the ‘real deal’ and they help the environment, because despite the book needing power when you read it, you don’t have to print the book and then transport it everywhere with you.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of having a Kindle is that it can store more than one book. This means that if you are going on a long holiday and you like to read, you need only download the books you want to read, and then take your Kindle with you. Doing it the old fashioned way you may have a rather full suitcase!

The Kindle, the book. Will the book ever die out? I doubt it, books will live forever, but they are likely to be used in more than their original form, much more in the foreseeable future.

Prepare to read literature in a whole new way!

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 28th January 2011

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