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Windows 7 Review

Finally, Microsoft is able to produce a proper successor to the highly-valued Windows XP. You may be thinking “What about Vista?” Windows Vista had in many ways spectacularly under performed to beat XP and failed to impress in probably every perspective including performance; except maybe appearance. Well now, Windows 7 is here to pick up the pieces and famously kill off XP properly hopefully; but let’s see if this is really the case.

Performance wise, Windows Vista was more of a downgrade from XP, however, Windows 7 was built with enhanced performance and stability compared to both Vista and XP. Microsoft has evidently learnt some crucial lessons from the criticized Windows Vista and as a result, they have intensely concentrated in the improvement of the general performance of their new operating system including a huge improvement in compatibility.

There is certainly without a doubt, a significant enrichment in Windows 7 in term of performance and stability. The foundations of the operating system are a lot broader and this lets the system be more stable.

Programs load faster even on low-spec machines, however, you may think that the downside to all of this would be that more memory would be required; in actual fact, it is not.

Although Microsoft recommends at least 1GB of RAM, I have personally experimented Windows 7 and used a machine with half of that value. I can honestly admit that I have seen almost no change looking at all in all aspects. It runs fine and it is more or less better than XP on 512MB of RAM, despite Windows XP’s minimum requirement being 64MB.
Windows 7 Screenshot

Windows 7 has come with a very noticeable increase in start-up and shut down speeds. This is an area that both XP and Vista were outclassed in by Apple’s Mac OS X packages.

Ease of use
Many Mac users suggest that Apple’s Mac operating system is better than Microsoft Windows. I have seen that most of them justify their point by saying that the Mac OS is easier to use. Windows 7 has been built under an environment which is much easier to use than all previous versions.

Although Windows has many more advanced features and settings than the Mac (which is probably the reason why Mac’s may be easier to use), Windows 7 structures them in a very easy and understanding organization.

This makes it very easy for the user to use programs and personalise their computer. The control panel is categorized in a more user friendly way but the search function is what makes life easier and quicker in Seven.
Windows 7 Control Panel
Windows 7 - Control Panel

Windows 7 Pin Your Favourites
Windows 7 - Pin Your Favourites
  It is fair to say that Windows 7 is packed with new features designed to make computing easier. The taskbar has been redesigned and many useful things have been added to it like the pinning tool. You can pin your favourite programs to it for quicker access. But that’s not the only thing, you can pin things onto the pinned programs. This becomes very handy when opening files. The picture to the left shows this.

Another useful feature in Windows Seven is the Aero Peek. Some Vista users may remember that this was in Windows Vista too, however, its been much enhanced in Windows 7. You can view multiple windows or tabs which using Aero Peek, see the image to the right.  
Windows 7 Aero Peek
Windows 7 - Aero Peek

Windows 7 Aero Snap
Windows 7 - Aero Snap
  With more and more of of us continuously multi-tasking on our computers, now and again, we may get a little agitated with so many windows open. Microsoft has even made a solution to this. You simply lift and shake the window you’re using and all other windows behind it will close. This is called Aero Shake.

Aero Snap is another feature in Windows 7 that help us to use two windows at the same time quickly. Simply drag the window to one side and it will hook onto the side you pointed it at. The picture to the left demonstrates how the window snaps into place.

Action Centre is a new feature in Windows 7 that basically puts all the boring stuff in one place. Security issues, Maintenance, Updates are all embedded into one small application instead of separating it all like in previous versions of Windows. This stops all those different things from different places annoying you. There is an image of action centre to the right.  
Windows 7 Action Centre
Windows 7 - Action Centre

Microsoft has thrown in a few extras which puts the icing on the cake for Windows 7. CD burning software is no longer essential as Seven has its own little tool that does all of that.

Homegroup is a new facility in Windows that makes File and Printer sharing easier and more secure than ever. You can stream movies and music with ease over computers on the network at your home.

Voice or Speech Recognition looks like it has been improved compared to Windows Vista. You can now tell your computer to do or type what you want. So I can say “open notepad” and it will open it, but more importantly, it starts to adapt to the user so it gets more and more easier to communicate with, just like a pet.

I’ve tried very hard to find something bad about Windows 7 and the best I could come up with was its battery usage. According to my little experiment I did with two identical Netbooks running the XP and 7, I found that the XP Netbook lasted around 10 minutes longer than the Windows 7 netbook. This is probably the only way in which XP can say its better by.

Links: Microsoft Vs Google - Windows 7 - Microsoft Vs Apple

Posted By: Arif (Guest Author)
Date posted: 24th February 2010

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