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Top 5 Firefox Add-ons

If you don't currently use the Mozilla internet browser Firefox, this article is not going to be of much use to you. However I do have one that is: my Mozilla Firefox Review. This should persuade you that Firefox is so good that you should change browsers and then this article will be of use.

All current Firefox users read on!

As I have used Firefox for a reasonable amount of time now, I know some great add-ons, and in this article, I am going to share my top 5 with you.

Mozilla Firefox Logo

5th Best Firefox Add-on

Popup ALT Attribute

This is an add-on that "Popups alternate texts of images", this basically means that when you mouse over an image (like the one to the left) it shows what the website owner has labeled the image. This doesn't usually show, however with this add-on it will, meaning that you can see the alt tag.

Notes: Some website owners do not put alt tags on their images, so even with this add-on not all images will have an alt tag.

History: Internet Explorer used to show alt tags, however Internet Explorer 8 no longer shows them. Firefox has never shown them. Google Chrome also does not show them. The alt tag was never really intended to be used for this purpose, as that is what the title tag is for.

4th Best Firefox Add-on


This is an add-on that does "performance and network tweaks for Firefox". Basically it does what is says on the tin, Fasterfox: makes Firefox faster.

This is a great add-on as you can put it into Turbo Charged mode, and just let it run in the background speeding up Firefox, or you can fiddle with the settings (in custom mode) and tweak your speed that way.

A cool feature about this add-on is the option load timer you can have, which sits on the bottom bar of the browser, and tells you how long it took to load each page.
Fasterfox Logo

3rd Best Firefox Add-on


This is an "web development evolved" add-on for Firefox. It allows you to easily see and edit the source of a webpage, and any relating CSS documents. The changes are not visible on the internet, but you can copy the edited code, and then save it.

This add-on is great for web developers, and it can also be useful for those trying to learn, and even people who have no idea about web coding, and just want to mess around with a bit of code!

Firebug also has lots of other features aside from the ones I have mentioned.

Notes: Google have also made an extension for this add-on, called Page Speed, which works fantastically with Firebug to help you analyse and optimise your own web pages to make them load faster.

2nd Best Firefox Add-on

Fire FTP

If you don't access a server via FTP, then there is no real point in you having this add-on. If you do, read on.

This add-on is an "FTP Client for Mozilla Firefox". This basically means that it allows you to upload and download easily from an FTP. Without this add-on there is no way to upload files to a server in Firefox.

I personally find it a very useful tool, as you can view local and remote files in the same window and you can easily drag files and folders between the locations.

For this reason, Fire FTP betters Internet Explorers FTP client, as it does not do a split screen, with local and remote, it only shows the remote files.
FireFTP Logo

Personas Logo

Top Firefox Add-on


This is my favourite Firefox add-on. Its description "Your Firefox, your style. Easy-to-change themes." basically sums it up.

I believe that this add-on demonstrates, the sheer brilliance of Firefox: everyone wants something different, so one size does not fit all. That is why Firefox is compatible with all these different add-ons, so that everyone can have their own custom browser, taylor made to fit their needs.

Personas allows you to change the theme of our browser without installing additional themes. Personas has a huge library of themes that your browser can 'wear'. You can change your theme really easily, which is great for festive times of the year, where you want to change your browsers theme. You can even create your own themes, for personal use, or to go in the Personas library.

The best way to see how good this add-on is, it to try it first hand. Dress your browser with my top Firefox Add-on, Personas.

Google Toolbar for Firefox is also a great add-on, but that's not just for Firefox, so I didn't put that in.

Links: Firefox Review - Speed Up Firefox

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 3rd February 2010

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