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Mini Supercomputers of the Future

Computers are getting smaller, but pioneering research has suggested that science could shrink the world's most powerful supercomputer processors to the size of a sugar cube.

In leading research by IBM, scientists were trying to reduce computers energy use, the scientists believe that by making them smaller they can achieve this.

By stacking computer processors on top of one another, scientist believe that they can cool the processors by flowing water between them. This would keep them cool, hence making them much more efficient, as computers work most efficiently when they are cool.

Around 2% of the world's energy consumption is caused by running computer equipment and building it. With computers being used more and more, making them more efficient could lower the amount of energy that needs to be produced, saving the planet!
 One single sugar cube

It used to cost a lot of money to buy a computer and the relevant hardware, however with computers becoming cheaper and cheaper, soon it could be the electricity bills that determine what consumers buy.
Open QuoteIn the future, computers will be dominated by energy costs - to run a data centre will cost more than to build it.Close Quote
Source: Dr Bruno Michel - IBM
 There is competition for supercomputers manufacturers to get their machine in the 'Top 500 list'. This is a list of the fastest 500 supercomputers worldwide. In the future however the 'Green 500' is likely to be a more important factor, as rising energy costs and the ever nearing threat of mass climate change, mean that governments, businesses and individuals are starting to become more concerned as to how 'eco friendly' their computers are, and not necessarily how fast they are - although this is still a big player.

This is why this amazing breakthrough is just that! Smaller more efficient computers mean: less electricity used, leading to lower running costs; less materials are needed to make the components; and a big factor, less space is needed to contain these currently massive machines!

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 8th December 2010

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