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Mac Operating System Overview

With Apple's Mac OS being the first ever Operating System I had for home use, I must say that Apple struggled to match the more famous Microsoft Windows at the time, and arguably maybe even now. The latest versions of Mac's OS are definitely very simplified but the newer editions that come out, I start to wonder more and more whether they can get any simpler.

 Maybe they seem simpler because they do less, compared to Windows PC's. Besides, the amount of software made for Windows is in a different league compared to the amount software for Mac.

Away from the business stats, I have spotted from my own experience from working with Mac's, that the architecture of the actual computer itself is faintly healthier than PC's designed to run Microsoft Windows. From this, I have also seen that Mac's run Windows XP and Vista more stable than Windows PC's however, this has not been the case for Windows 7. This is probably the reason to why a powerful Mac, costs more than a powerful Windows PC.

Although Apple's sales of its computers have been on the rise in recent years, many experts believe that this was purely due to the release of the much hated Windows Vista; which was a loss for Apple's fierce rivals Microsoft. However, I have no fear in saying that Microsoft's release of their very latest operating system Windows 7 will noticeably put a suffering to Apple's recent dominance in operating system sales.

What hugely draws back the Mac operating system is vulnerability. According to a research carried out recently, you are far more safer from the smallest, to the most critical cyber-attacks in Windows, compared to Mac. How this can be, can seem odd considering that fact that Windows users can have a whole catalogue of viruses that effects them without anti-virus software and Mac users do not. The security weakness is somewhat down to the holes left in the operating system which gifts hackers with sufficient privileges to unauthorised areas.
 Apple Logo

This has been an on-going area where Windows deeply outclasses Apple's Mac OS. Nearly every Mac user I have asked say one of the strongest factors that pointed them towards Apple instead of Microsoft, was the understanding of Mac OS being immune to viruses and other malware. This is a undoubtedly a true fact but from a tiny approach. From the bigger picture, Mac's are more immune to viruses, but have a fragile wall against other more dangerous cyber crimes.

Links: Microsoft Vs Apple - Windows 7 Review

Posted By: Arif (Guest Author)
Date posted: 5th March 2010

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