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Is Technology Leaving The Elderly Behind?

How many times have you heard an elderly person being described as a computer whiz? My personal answer is never. The term usually applies to young people, and almost always excludes anyone over the age of 50.

Does this mean that technology is leaving the older generation behind, as more and more elderly people struggle with all the amazing new technology, that wasn't around when they were young?

Take the Blackberry for example, many old people find all the navigation extremely difficult, some struggle to read the screen, and others can't even press individual keys, as they are too small.
Open QuoteI feel the elderly are not dealt with very well, in the new technology... ...its amazing what can be done now... ...give it to a sixty year old, or a seventy old its not as easy to understand as it should be.Close Quote
Source: Sir Stirling Moss

These particular problems could be down to the fact that young people have smaller fingers and better vision, but it could also be down to young people being able to absorb more information than older people. That is why its so much easier to learn when you are younger.

Blue Circuit Board This may not seem like such a bad thing, but, the worlds population is ageing. Currently less than 8% of the worlds population is 65 and older. In the next 20 years this is expected to rise to 12% and then 16% by 2050.

Many companies aim their tech products at the younger generation, as over half the world population is under 30, making it the most lucrative market, but is that right? Should niche markets, aimed at people like the elderly, be left out? Many elderly people get frustrated with modern technology. This is probably because of the lack of help that they get.

Recently there has been a sudden surge in the number of 55-65 year old women joining Facebook. Could this mean that the older generation is catching up? Are they just a bit slower to catch on than the rest of us are, or are they being left behind altogether?

Will the current young generation be the same as the current elderly generation when they are elderly, will technology leave them behind? Will the current young generation adapt better to future changes, as they are doing so now...

Who can tell, we will just have to wait and see.

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Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 8th August 2010

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