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How to Write a Successful Article

To have a good blog you need good content. That means writing good, successful articles. So, how do you write a successful article? In this post I hope to help you understand the key things needed to success in blogging.

Article plan Plan
Planning is crucial, without it, you cannot get good content. Some bloggers spend more time planning than writing articles, and others don't plan at all. I personally plan and will not just go and write an article. This is because I believe that if you get an idea of where you are going, before you start, you get a better structure, which is easier to follow, so your content is better, and hence, more people become/stay loyal to your blog.

Blog about something that interests you
By blogging about something that interests you, you are guaranteed to get better content than if you just write about anything. This is because you can get passionate about your subject and go into real detail, on what you are writing about. To further this, only blog when you want to, as chances are, if you don't want to blog, your content won't be very good.

Quoting is a great way to corroborate (back up/validate) what your are saying. By quoting you are also making your posts more balanced, and factual, as you are taking more peoples opinions into account. Quotes are also a really great way to break up an article, and make it more fun to read. See what I mean? ->
Open QuoteQuotes are also a really great way to break up an article, and make it more fun to read.Close Quote
Source: Christopher Roberts - Editor and chief writer of Christopher Roberts Technology Blog

Don't copy content
Never, never ever copy others content - end of. If its someone else's, let them have the credit, they wrote it. If you see something you really like, by all means write something similar, but with your own twist/view on the topic. However remember, never copy others content. Search engines think is is valueless as it is duplicate content, and so do people when they see identical content on multiple sites.
Give your articles some personal flair
To build a successful blog, you need to have your own style, almost as though your blog has its own personality, that is why its crucial to have flair. Flair is something that is unique to you and your personality, and its a little bit special. Its very hard to get sometimes, and other times its really easy.

Check your work
My final tip is to check your work, as there is nothing worse than reading an article full of mistakes. Everyone makes them, but before your launch your article you should check, check and check again! I often read some of my old articles, and find mistakes, that I didn't originally spot. Shabby grammar is likely to loose you visitors. Whilst on the topic of errors, if you ever find any on my blog, please tell me via my contact page, and I will endeavour to correct them as soon as possible!

So to sum up, plan what you are going to write, write about something you want to write about, use quotes where possible, don't copy others, give your articles some personal flair, and finally check what you have written.

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Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 23rd June 2010

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