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What is is a site which provides you with a free avatar.

What is an avatar?
An avatar is an image that you can create which shows up whenever you use your email address when commenting on a Gravatar compatible blog. WordPress is one of the many systems that is compatible with Gravatar.
Open QuoteYour Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.Close Quote
Source: Gravatar Website

How do I create an avatar?
Creating an avatar is really easy, just find a picture you like, edit it if you want and then upload it to and you avatar is done!

Your avatar could be anything from a company logo, to a picture of your favourite superhero, or a home snap from the family album to a funny cartoon. It really can be anything! Once you have uploaded your avatar you will need to give it a rating, so that Gravatar know when it is suitable to show your avatar, as sometimes images may offend certain people, or be unsuitable for certain audiences.

Gravatar Avatar Every time you comment on a Gravatar enabled blog (which is most blogs these days, including my philosophy blog) your avatar will be there with you.

If you comment with various email addresses on different blogs, Gravatar have sorted that too! You can ether add another email address to your account, which will associate that email with your default image, or you could create a new account under the other email(s) and assign the image to that account.

Wherever you go you go now, you can be recognised by your avatar, promoting your brand name (personal or corporate) across the net!

Gravatar can also be useful to blog owners, its compatible with most blog major systems and is usually really easy to install. Wordpress comes with it pre-installed, so that your commenters can automatically use their avatars!

Have fun using your gravatar(s) and look out for others, see if you comment on similar blogs to other people, and you didn't even know!

Links: Gravatar

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 8th November 2009

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