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Formula 1 Carbon Cuts

Formula 1 as we all know is an expensive sport. Billions of pounds are spent annually and as with anything motoring related there is the whole issue as to whether it is environmentally friendly. The teams on F1 all look for ways to use new technologies, no matter how complex or basic the idea is.

 Technology in F1 intertwines greatly with everyday motoring. New concepts on the F1 cars are tried and if successful they often will find that concept in a super car such as a McLaren or even a ordinary family car such as a Volkswagen. So after a recent meeting, FOTA have confirmed that if the current carbon offset cuts continue in the way that they are currently going then they will have cut by 2012 from 2009 12.4%.

This is a good improvement in my opinion. In this article I shall talk about a piece of technology introduced into the 2009 Formula 1 season as a way to use normally wasted energy to boost the speed of the car. KERS. KERS; meaning Kinetic Energy Recovery System.

Formula 1 cars going around a corner

Many people reading this probably won't have as an expansive knowledge on Formula 1 as me, as I am a bit of an enthusiast! So I will explain this as easily as possible.

Basically when the driver brakes whilst the engine is running there is often a lot of energy lost, so in order to harness this lost energy, a generator creates energy whilst the driver brakes the car. This charges a battery pack and enables a driver to drive with an extra 70-80 Brake Horse Power. Which means that the driver may be able to get a better start at the race or produce an overtaking manoeuvre during the race.

This technology along with many more designed for F1 will be placed into the mainstream market to improve family vehicles by making them faster, more eco-friendly and improve the motoring industry in general.

For more information on KERS click the link. In this video former driver and BBC commentator Martin Brundle talks with the chief of Mercedes Sport about KERS.
 Carbon Emissions (CO2)

Thanks for reading and don't forget to visit my F1 blog, its found on the sidbar under "Technology Blogroll", or just click the link at the bottom!

Links: The F1 Blog - KERS BBC Video - Formula One Teams Association

Posted By: Jordan (Guest Author)
Date posted: 12th July 2010

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