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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?
Cloud computing is basically the provision and management of data and applications via the internet. That may sound a little complicated, but what it basically means is that it is the concept of storing your programs and documents on the internet, rather than on your own computer.
What are the positives and negatives of cloud computing?
Below is a table displaying some of the positives and negatives of cloud computing.

Less collective storage space is needed, as most people have space left on their hard disk, this will not be the case if all the data is stored in one place.If your internet connection dies, you will not be able to access your data or applications, rendering your computer useless.
You would not have to keep continuing have to buy more hard disk space.Security risks are greater, as it will potentially be easier to hack, as there is lots of data all in one place.
Cloud computing has the potential to allow users to log onto their account from anywhere, and access their data from any compatible computer.If the server farm your data is stored in goes down, and its backup is ether not functioning or non existent, you would not be able to access your data.
Your data would usually be backed up for you, so it should not get lost or corrupt.If you have a slow internet connection, your computers performance will be affected.

Where is cloud computing data stored?
All the data involved in cloud computing would be stored in server farms, these are huge places, which are usually well air conditioned (for the machines), full of server towers. To the left is an image of some Dell servers.

Chrome OS cloud computing
The Google operating system Chrome OS, is built around cloud computing, this means that your data is stored on Google servers, and you source your applications from their servers too. From what I have seen so far of the operating system, it is mainly based inside the browser type shell, so the whole operating system depends on the internet.
Dell Server Room

Open QuoteWhen your data is in the cloud, its owned by you, we don't use that data for other purposes.Close Quote
Source: Ray Ozzie - Microsoft Software Architect
 Will companies be able to use my cloud data?
There is talk that in the future, governments may use cloud data to help them in tasks such as locating terrorists for example, however companies themselves like Microsoft and Google would most probable not be able to use your data. The quote to the right, is of a Microsoft software architect addressing this issue.

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 7th May 2010

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