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A Lack of Originality in the Computing Industry

This article may sound like I am just having a rant at people in the computing industry, and in a way I am, however I hope to also show you how there is a huge market for new, original ideas.

 Apple Mac users are forever moaning at Microsoft Windows users for stealing some of the Macs great features. This is extremely noticeable in Windows 7, as in this, Microsoft have stolen many things from Apple.

However it also works the other way round. Who invented the original concept of the taskbar? Microsoft. Who copied? Apple. However who invented the idea of dock? Apple. Who stole it? Microsoft. Then again, who had the idea of the address bar? Microsoft. Who replicated it? Apple. Its swings and roundabouts.

What I am trying to say is that there is a lack of originality in the computing world. This means that it is harder for consumers to choose which operating system to use. It also means that there is a huge potential for a new operating system, with original ideas.

It is the same story with browsers. First along came Internet Explorer, then 5 years ago, Firefox showed up. This was originally not too dissimilar to Internet Explorer. Recently Chrome has popped up, but this too is effectively a rip off of other browsers, as is the splitting image of Apple’s Safari. If this wasn’t bad enough, Safari basically copied Opera. Should Google Chrome really have been called Google Clone?

Internet Explorer and Firefox basically work on your experience on the web, whereas Chrome, Safari and Opera work on giving you the web at the fastest possible speed. It would seem that unfortunately, like operating systems, browsers too lack originality.

Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari

And then along came Google Chrome OS, a completely new kind of operating system. The entire system relies on the internet, which is totally different from any exiting operating system. Although, pretty much the entire operating system runs out of the core browser shell, and what is Google Chrome browser, but a clone of Safari and Opera.

So it would seem that there were some great original ideas out there in the computing industry, however before long, someone else will have stolen them and they will no longer be that great, as everyone is using them. This does however (as I said at the beginning of the article) meant that there is a huge market for new, original ideas.

Links: Microsoft Vs Google - Microsoft Vs Apple - Firefox Review - Google Chrome Review

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 31st March 2010

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