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2010 Archive

Welcome to the 2010 archive. Here you can find links to all of my 2010 posts. Guest posts are denoted by a star (*). You may want to view the 2010 RSS feed.

2010 Articles

Merry Christmas
Have a great Christmas!

Mini Supercomputers of the Future
How small do you think a computer can get?

Ever heard of Gravatar? This article explains what it is and how to use it

A New Generation of Touch Screen Phones
How could you upgrade your old phone to a touch screen?

Google's 12th Birthday
Google was first incorporated as a privately held corporation 12 years ago today

UK Launched Largest Global Offshore Wind Farm
Kent is now the home of the worlds largest offshore wind farm

Google Instant
Google Instant is the latest improvement from Google that is speeding up the web

Find out more about the powerful blogging tool, WordPress

My Technology Blogs Birthday!
Its my technology blogs birthday!

BBC Lose £240k of Technology
How has the BBC lost so much technology?

Christopher Roberts Philosophy Blog
You heard right, yet another blog by me!

Is Technology Leaving The Elderly Behind?
Are the elderly being forgotten when it comes to technology?

Google Webmaster Tools
What is Google Webmasters Tools?

Bloodhound SSC
Find out about the car that hopes to break the world land speed record

A Bit of Philosophy
Open your mind, and read my article...

Formula 1 Carbon Cuts *
Some info on the non-financial cuts that Formula 1 are facing

Why Is New Technology So Exciting? *
A great guest post, explaining why new technology so exciting!

Chinese Humanoid Robot Olympics Begins
An update on my 2009 article on the Chinese Robot Olympics

How to Write a Successful Article
What are the key components of a successful article?

Copyright Infringers to Be Cut Off
Ofcom are clamping down on copyright infringers

What Is the Best Internet Browser?
The best browser is...

Is Social Media Just a Fad?
Find out what the hype about social media is all about

Google Pac-Man
Why did Google's first playable logo cause such a fuss?

Nuclear Fusion, the Ultimate Power?
What on earth is nuclear fusion, and is it the future of power?

Facebook Updates Privacy Settings
Find out about Facebook's recent updated privacy settings

A big blog, that I am now a writer for

First Artificial Life Created
For the first time ever, man has managed to make its very own artificial life

Cloud Computing
What is cloud computing? Read this article to find out!

Weird Election Policies
A bit off topic, but I think you will enjoy this article, especially with the upcoming general election

Doctor Who Enters the World of Gaming
Doctor Who is soon to launch its very own adventure games!

A great way to keep in touch with others

How Can I Increase My PageRank?
Find out how you can increase your PageRank

What is PageRank?
Learn about Google's PageRank

My blog's PageRank has changed

Ribbon Hero
Find out more about the soon to be launched Microsoft game

A Lack of Originality in the Computing Industry
Whatever happened to good old originality?

Internet Security
How safe are you online?

Microsoft To Buy Yahoo
The computer giant Microsoft are going to buy Yahoo, read this article to find out more

New Domain Name
Find out about the new location of my technology blog and loads of other updates

Mac Operating System Overview *
A guest post on an overview of the Apple Mac operating system

Breadcrumb Navigation
An update to my blog, to speed up navigation

Windows 7 Review *
A guest review of the Microsoft operating system, Windows 7

iPod Nano 5th Generation Review
A review of the fantastic iPod Nano 5G

The Technology Behind Luge *
This guest post looks at the technology in place behind the Winter Olympic sport, Luge

Operating System Reviews
Some information about what is coming up soon on my technology blog...

Google's Empire
Find out more about this internet giant's empire

Top 5 Firefox Add-ons
The best add-ons for your browser

Youtube Movie Rental
YouTube launches itself into the movie rental business

Fill Up That Empty Blog Space
Ever ran out of things to blog about?

This post will baffle your mind, with some crazily high numbers, and technical jargon

I'm Back
I am back! Read this article to find out more about my technology blog in the new year

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