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Windows 7

In my opinion, Microsoft Vista was a shambles, it was resource hungry, ugly monstrosity, designed for people who didn't know how to use a computer.

Very soon, Microsoft will launch Windows 7, a new operating system, which it thinks will be the new best version of Windows. But because of Vista, I'm very skeptical about it.

First the looks. If I am honest I think Microsoft are making Windows look more and more like a Mac. Windows 7 looks like a cross between an Apple Mac, and Windows Vista. Below is a screenshot of both Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar) side by side. What do you think, does Windows 7 look like a Mac?

Windows 7 Desktop Screenshot
Mac Desktop Screenshot

So it looks better than Vista, that's good, but how does it handle everyday tasks. Well the answer to that is supposedly very well, apparently it is to be very user friendly. Then again, so was Vista. However user friendly Windows 7 is, it is going to be a resource drainer, like Vista, and that is for certain.

Windows 7 is supposed to have many new entertainment features, these range from being able to watch TV on your PC, to being able to control many of your other entertainment appliances through your PC, such as your stereo system.

I want to look at Windows 7 positively, and hope for the best, but after the damage Vista has done, that is going to be difficult for me, and many others.

Soon we will find out what Windows 7 is really like, when it is released on October the 22nd (2009).

Windows 7

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 26th August 2009

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