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The Technology Behind Food

When you eat a meal, do you ever wonder what has had to happen to make it? In this article I hope to help you discover more about the food you eat.

Did you know that, 3.4 litres of water has to be used to make one gram of rice? This huge amount of water going into food growth draws down heavily on global water supply's. Also if you do not live in the country which the rice is being grown in, you could effectively be causing/worsening a drought in another country, as water goes into growing food to feed you, rather than to the people who are dying of thirst.

Rice Water Quantities

If you walk to the shops, you may think that you are significantly lowering the amount of oil that is being used to get your food to your plate. By walking you are lowering the amount of oil, but unless you choose to buy locally grown food you are not really lowering the amount of oil you use much at all.

If you do walk to the shops please don't start driving, and if you do drive, and could possible walk please do so, but also consider where your food has come from. This is because if you buy a 100 gram pork chop, that had not been grown (the animal not the chop) locally it could take up to 70 ml of oil to get it to your shop.

Pork Chop Oil Quantities

So next time you tuck into a lovely Sunday roast, just think about the two pints of crude oil, and many litres of water that have had to be used to get the meal to your plate.

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 27th August 2009

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