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My Technology Christmas Wish List

Since tomorrow is the first of December, I thought that it would appropriate to write "my technology christmas wish list". It features many different things that I have written about in my articles in the past year.

Below you can find the list with all the items on it, a short explanation of each, and which article it relates too.

  • A Segway i2 - A really cool personal transporter. Relating article: Segway Personal Transporter.

  • My own personalised ASIMO - A little robot made by Honda. Relating article: ASIMO.

  • A huge vat of D3O - An amazingly clever substance that is soft and gooey but goes hard on impact. Relating article: D3O.

  • A fiber optic internet connection - The fastest available internet connection in modern communications. Relating article: Fiber Optics.

My Technology Christmas Wish List

My list is probably a bit unrealistic, it was never meant to be realistic though. All the same, it is one cool list of stuff.

Merry Christmas!

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 30th November 2009

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