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How To Set Up A Blog

This article is for people who want set up a blog.

What is a blog?
Before you read this article, if you are not familiar with blogs and blog terminology, you should read my information about blogs article.

What do I need to start up a blog?
It depends on what type of blog you are intending on setting up, if you want a free one, nothing, but if you want a more sophisticated and editable one, you need to buy a domain name - You can buy a domain name from Discus Group Web Hosting.

How do I get started making a blog?
If you have chosen to chose a non self-hosted blog, just go to Wordpress, Blogger or whoever your blog is with, and they have guides which can help you with each individual site, it would be too much for me to explain. If you have a self-hosted one (you have bought a domain) you need to get a template.

How do I get a blog template?
There are two real ways of getting a template:
1, Make one - This requires a good knowledge of HTML
2, Use a free one, such as a Wordpress theme

How can I make a blog template?
Have a look at blogs, and then base your template around the best bits of the blogs you see, that way you should make a very good blog! I personally recommend using Adobe Photoshop for making graphics, and Adobe Dreamweaver for coding your blog.

Set up an "archive"?
When you have made written lots of articles, your articles page will be rather big, so you need to find a way of storing older articles. Some blogs choose to make many article pages, but I prefer to make an archive. This is just where you can put all of your posts, so when they are no longer in the top spot, they can still be found.

Good luck with your blog!

Links: Information about blogs

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 21st September 2009

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