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Google Chrome Review

Browser Battle - Google Chrome Vs Mozilla Firefox Vs Microsoft Internet Explorer Vs Apple Safari
When Google Chrome was first released back in 2008, I didn't even bother testing it. The reason for this is because, it was a very new browser - so it probably had loads of bugs. I had also been loyal to Internet Explorer for a very long time, so didn't see a need to change.

It was only when many of my friends started to tell me how quick the browser was, that I decided to download it.

At first I was really impressed with Chrome. It was very light (it took up hardly any memory/RAM) and it was much faster than Internet Explorer.

I soon however discovered a major floor - for me - in Chrome. It couldn't read RSS Feeds. It was also not compatible with the Google Toolbar. Unfortunately these sorts of things are essential to me, so I had no choice but to change back to Internet Explorer.

Luckily for me, I soon discovered the sheer brilliance of Firefox 3.5 and was able to switch to that. Firefox is able to deal with things like RSS Feeds which Chrome can't, and it has loads of add-ons to make it even better. The speed difference between the two browsers is also pretty slim. I did a speed test: Firefox scored 3.89 Mb/s download and Chrome scored 3.92 Mb/s.

The one thing that puts Chrome ahead of Firefox is the weight of the browser. If you are not familiar with computing terms that may sound a bit barmy to you, but what it basically means is that Chrome is less greedy for resources than Firefox, meaning that it starts quicker and doesn't slow your PC down as much.

Chrome may not mean all that much to the computer user, but its thrown a real spanner in the works for companies like Apple, and Microsoft. This is because Apple want people to use Safari and Microsoft want people to use Internet Explorer. The problem for them is that because Google is so popular, people are switching to Chrome!

Should you get Chrome?
If you like firefox, please use that. If however you are not too keen on Firefox, then Chrome is probable the next best browser.

I rate Google Chrome 3.0 9/10.
Google Chrome Logo
Chrome 3.0, a very fast browser!

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Links: Firefox Review - Google Chrome

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 26th September 2009

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