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Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a way of making money off your website or blog. All you have to do is put some code on your site, and every time someone (other than you) clicks on an advert, you earn money.

Below is a step by step, illustrated guide of how to set up Google AdSense for content on your site.

How do I get Google AdSense?

Anyone can get Google AdSense, its completely free to join, and can be a very useful addition to your site, and a good way of earning money.

First you need to log into your Google Account, to do this go to Google homepage, and click sign in (in the top right corner). Now sign into your Google account.

If you don't have a Google Account, below the Sign in box, there is the option to create a new account. Click create now and then fill in your email, make up a good, hard to guess password, and then say what country you are from.
Log in to your Google account

After Logging in go to Then click sign up now >>
Sign up to Google adsense

Google will now ask you for details about your site, and contact information, like where you live, what your phone number is etc. The reason Google need this is so that they can later contact you to:
A, Verify you are the owner of the site
B, Send you your payments
Google adsense sign up

After making your request, you will have to wait, until Google confirms your site - for me, this took around 5 days.

Once Google has confirmed your site, login (by going to Google Home and clicking Settings then Google acount settings.)
Google My Account

On the next page, in "My Products" you should see that AdSense has appeared. Click on this, which will take you to Google Adsense home. My Products - AdSense

Once you are logged into AdSense, click on AdSense Setup, and then click on AdSense for Content. You will then be given the option of Ad Unit or Link Unit and an example of each. Choose which one you wish to make an add for. * AdSense Setup

Once you have chosen your type of ads, you can customise the ads you want to be shown i.e. you can change the size, colour, font etc. Once you have designed your ads click continue.

Now you have to sort your ads into a category, or as Google calls it, a Channel. Click Add a new channel and call is whatever is relevant to your add, for example if it was going on the side bar of your homepage, you could call it "Home Side Bar".

AdSense Channels

You then have to name your ads, you can name them anything you like, the names are just so that you can keep track of which adds are bringing in the most money. Then click Submit and Get Code AdSense Unit Name

Penultimate, you need to take the code and put it on your site. You can currently have no more than 3 ads on a page, so use your ads wisely. Also don't alter your AdSense unit code, or you may be blocked. AdSense Code

Finally, the fun bit. Leave your ads to earn you money. Every time someone clicks on one of your ads, you will earn a little bit of money. Once you have earned £60 BPS or $100 USD you will be sent your payment!

You can review how much money you have earned by going to Google AdSense home.

AdSense Earnings
Good luck with AdSense!

Need any more help? Go to Google AdSense Help

* I have personally found more success in Ad Units, as one click is money, whereas with Link Units, visitors are taken to another page and then have to choose between a list of ads. If the visitor clicks on an add, you loose the visitor, but gain money, if the user goes back to your site, you keep the visitor but loose the money. Don't forget, if they are not happy with the page, they might just close the window altogether.

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 25th August 2009

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