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Firefox Review

Internet Explorer Vs Firefox
For years I have been loyal to Internet Explorer, well Internet Explorer 6, I hated 7 and 8. It just seemed like it had everything I needed and lots of stuff to fiddle with. Many people have tried to persuade me to switch to Firefox, but I never liked it.

Then in 2008 along came Google Chrome. At first I didn't download it, too stuck in my ways, but a few months later I downloaded it. I really liked Chrome, it was faster than Internet Explorer and looked much better than internet explorer.

The problem with Chrome is, that even though it is made be Google, it cannot currently support Google Toolbar. Now I use Google Toolbar all the time, so I had to ditch Chrome and go back to IE6.

Then along came Firefox 3.5. I wanted to test my website in different browsers, so downloaded Firefox. At first I hated it. Yes it was faster, yes it had tabs (not as good as Chromes though) but it was too different for me.

I went back to Firefox after reading up about the immense amount of add-ons it has. I went back to firefox and downloaded the Google Toolbar for it. I started to like Firefox. Then I downloaded Firebug, - for web developers - then Fasterfox, to speed it up. Now Firefox had everything I needed, and was very quick. I switched browsers.

Why should YOU get Firefox?
I believe everyone should get Firefox, as it is very customisable (you can even make it look like another browser) it is very fast, it is made by the people who use it, and it has so many add-ons you really can make it the perfect browser for you.

I rate Firefox 3.5 10/10.
Mozilla Firefox Logo
Firefox 3.5, a fantastic browser!

Links: Mozilla Firefox

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 17th August 2009

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