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If you haven't already heard of ASIMO, you may be wondering what on earth this article is going to be about, so it is probably best if I tell you. ASIMO is a robot.

ASIMO is a humanoid robot created by Honda. There have been many different versions of ASIMO, the first being an experimental model made way back in 1986. To date there have been a total of seven experimental models, three humanoid prototype models, and at least five actual ASIMO robots.

You may be thinking what makes ASIMO different form all other robots then. Well the answer is that ASIMO was made, to try and be like a human. He looks a bit like a child in a space suit. Honestly he does! Look at the picture to the right.
ASIMO Walking

  The latest ASIMO can walk, jump, wave, and in total move 34 different "joints". ASIMO can also recognise different objects, and in the same way a human learns, he can remember objects he has seen before. ASIMO can also recognise postures and gestures, meaning that if you wave to him, he would know you were doing so.

ASIMO can also recognise people, so if he has seen you before, he will remember you. He can also distinguish between voices and other sounds.

I think that ASIMO is one clever little robot, that is a major advance in technology. Think what could happen if we were able to make many of these robots. They would be able to do jobs that are too dangerous for humans to do, and they could help us do ours.

In the future I believe that it will be very difficult to distinguish between robot and human, as if they can do exactly what we can - and possibly more - what is to say that it is right to make them do things that we don't want to do. Could these robots develop feelings? Is this right, and if so should be still treat them like robots? Oh well, that's the future, lets focus on the present!

Thanks for reading, I hope you now know a bit more about ASIMO.

ASIMO Waving

Posted By: Christopher (Admin)
Date posted: 7th September 2009

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